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Reply to "Granger invites Jagdeo to general elections-related talks"

caribny posted:
Demerara_Guy posted:

In your line of thinking; perhaps you with others are on your knees, heads buried in the sand and praising your political "Lord and Saviour".

No I leave that for you. Reverence for Burnham because he created this sacred text that you revere and to Jagdeo who can do no wrong.

While on your knees and head buried in the sand ... 

Read s-l-o-w-l-y .. yet again ...

1. Burnham created the constitution when he "miraculously" secured more than two-thirds of the MPs for his political party.

2. Needed changes require as a minimum two-thirds of the MPs.

3. After the elections in 1992, the number of PPPC or PNCR/Others are in the 30's.

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