Reply to "Gov’t, DDL to explore dairy partnership -country imports US$25m annually in milk products"

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Oh yes? Name me one thing that PNC build successfully.  

Leh compare mango wid mango. Bridge fuh bridge.
PNC - Demerara bridge
PPP - Berbice bridge

Yuh need any mo examples? The demerara bride built by burnham still going strong and affordable fuh everybady.

Compare dat to yuh "fren" Jagdeo "bridge", funded by he "private partners" preying on Berbicians and sucking the life outta them. Does it not sit in your craw that this Russian trained CLOWN is the architect of one of Guyana's biggest FAILED ventures for the SECOND time? BOTH robbing he own race!

Alyuh is some blind ass people!

It's not blindness, it's being sheeple,they can't confront their leaders when they goofed up.

You rass gun get wan pay cut hey. 10% sanction until you apologize.