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Reply to "Gina should compile a detailed list of new ministries and ministers"

Originally Posted by Demerara_Guy:

Gina should compile a detailed list of new ministries and ministers

By , July 21, 2015, Source


Dear Editor,


Could some government agency, say Gina (Government Information Agency) compile a comprehensive and detailed list of what the new ministries do, where are they domiciled, new or old, telephone numbers, what each minister and junior minister is responsible for exactly.


In fact Gina should be renamed the Guyana Information Agency because it should be for all Guyanese; it would still retain the acronym Gina.


NCN and Gina should merge, apart from occupying the same building; they are fundamentally doing the same thing resulting in gross duplication. The Guyana Chronicle should be also considered in the whole shebang. How can Gina owe the Chronicle? I know.


What is significant about the aforementioned is that those entities were and are costing both previous and present governments millions of dollars in time, resources, overheads, etc, with all these manifest duplications.

What is to be done? (Lenin).


Yours faithfully,

Roger A Bhulai

Former Senior Communications

Officer Gina

GINA is failing