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Reply to "GECOM to study High Court’s decisions today..."

Django posted:
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seignet posted:
cain posted:

It too bright an sunny to do a recount.

Cain, being a neutral observer( neither Afro or Indo). From what we are viewing on GNI what do you think is going on with GECOM.

The Indians claiming they won. And finishing the count assures them of that prediction.

The Afroes, neither seys they won or agree to a victory as the PPP claims.

The Courts are into the matter, but yet GECOM stalls all of their engagements. 

It looks like GECOM chair has alot of doubts. In the end, she has to declare the results after Lowenfield has done his part. The lady is very troubled. No matter what decision she arrives at, Guyana would be more divided. 


NOT all Indians on this site claimed PPP won. 

PPPC is NOT a Indian party.

Indians are 39% in Guyana.With the results declared so far without Region 4 shows PPPC in the majority by 52,000 votes , common sense will show the votes came from non Indians ... and NOT all Indians voted for PPPC.

That doesn't mean the PPP/C can win the Elections. Region 4 have almost half the voters in the whole country.

Get the recount done, what is their to fear... who wins wins. End of story.