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Reply to "GECOM to begin house-to-house registration Saturday -Opposition Leader says it is illegal according to CCJ orders"

cain posted:
Mitwah posted:
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Baseman posted:

You are an anti-Indian racist skunk!!  Haul yuh ass daside!!!

Sorry Guys! The Cainster is not Anti-Indian. I can vouch for him. Anti-PPP yes!

What I find is these fools always go after anyone who mention the PPP is an Indian party, now I speak against the PPP the fools now say I am anti Indian. Bloody idiots

I whooped you because you always say is right when we criticize the PPP and BJ, then with the same breath you say, is good, let granger stay there even though he using all sort of illegal means.  

Check yuh logic!!

I don’t know if you are anti Indian or not, everyone has their biases. I’m just commenting on the positions you take here.