Reply to "GDF getting too much $$$?"

Drugb posted:
ronan posted:

let's get this clear . . . you don't represent ANY "Indian" other than yourself and the dutty Indo-racists you hang with who spend most of their free 'political' time attempting to piss on Black people

i owe you and your DISEASED friends nothing!

the "value proposition" is the same as it was in 1968 when "Maduro" was just exiting kindergarten

"notwithstanding an external threat . . ." is a jumping off point for the idiot reasoning of a DUNCE

oh wait, you are on record celebrating the treasonous Rupununi 'uprising' referenced in my 3rd paragraph . . . my bad

carry on you foaming, compulsive fraud!

Dude, Baseman's sentiment intersects that of the IndoG. You must be a mad man if you think that IndoG are running around celebrating the GDF existence. A group that has been used in the past to stuff ballots with PNC votes and support those that targeted Indos with death,robbery, rape and acts of violence. 

And bear in mind that many leaders of the Buxton FF terrorists were from the ranks of the GDF!  And the GDF sat back!  It took all but a few dozen of Bharat fedayeen to resolve!

This is the type of arrogance why people like Volda can have room and oxygen to breathe in Guyana!  

He left Guyana in 1973 with haughty arrogance and contempt for Indians and it still lives on inside!  He does not even pretend to understand the Indian psyche!