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Reply to "For the Filth Heads"

cain posted:
skeldon_man posted:
D2 posted:
RiffRaff posted:

How exactly you come to the conclusion that Cain hate Indos? 

It's obvious god bless Granger...he seems to be in good health, he is the President, got his oil deal....will make Guyana great again

Why can't you begin to enforce the rules no name calling no racism no curse words no invective PIDs etc? Check DISQUS, the largest global forum which includes Stabroeknews, Demwaves etc and follow what they do. When these rules are enforced the conversation improves and information is highlighted. I do not come here because it is tiresome.

He should start with you. Calling posters "dick head" and telling them to go "F**K off" should have kicked in for rules enforcement.

Dude, D2 is right. Even when posters who sided with APNU/AFC call them out when they err, instead of all coming together as one voice, these posters are called derogatory names and critised by the fools on this board. This shit does get tiresome and that is when it hits the fan.

Dude, we all do this. Some posters resort to vulgarity to make their point. Vulgarity (even when masked) should be prohibited.