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You should be anointing Irfaan feet instead of cussing him.  I have always wondered about people like you who hate for the sake of hating. You are an ungrateful man who clearly don’t have a conscience.  

Maam i don't worship humans . If you read my statement, you will notice my mother and the neighbor was at his office every day to get the squatting area regularized.

Please keep the low talk for others.

Emperor Irfaan.  They own Guyana and oblige your mom a piece of land.

The PPP handed out 100,000 house lots. (This number has not been challenged as far as I know) and since the average family is four, it means that the housing programme positively affected approximately 400,000 Guyanese. This is about half of the Guyanese population!

Any idea where the Housing Schemes are located ? I have some data ,i can crunch to prove the veracity, will take time to do such.

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