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Django is a lucky chap.

My family serve the PPP from day one of its inception and we bought ours and paid for our university education while others were shipped out on scholarship paid for by the government.

What yuh deh pun really , i didn't get any handouts from no one .

My mother got that piece of land which was owned by GUYSUCO.

Not picking on you, but get serious. Who owns GUYSUCO owns the land.

Serious question - did the fact that you know Irfaan’s family have anything to do with your mom getting title to her land?

Ask any little child ,they will give you the answer. I am aware it's not owned by any political party appointed Minister ,while they are in government.

My mother squatted,like many other sugar workers in 1965 on the piece of land.  I wasn't there had no contact with any one, in the then government. I was told,  the neighbor  and herself ,will go to Irffaan Office in Georgetown ,traveling from the WCD ,to get attention, for the squatting area to regularize.