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The picture tells a thousands word. Under the hapless PNC brother Django mother could not own a tile. It was under PPPC she was able to get that title from the hand of Dr Irfaan Ali.

Ayo look at the big picture hay guys. Most house lots was given out under the PPPC government. PPPC for a Better  Tomorrow. 

This is true. I don't remember anyone getting land from the PNC government up to when I left Guyana. If anything, I have heard a lot of people fearing the PNC would take away their lands.

Burnham took away Hope Estate from Sankar. Belfield from Kissoon Dyal. And Letter T estate from the estate of Sophia Mustard.

True about Burnham but has Granger taken away anybody's land?

According to media reports and the PPP, he has been giving away land that belongs to the Guyanese people to his friends. It this not taking away land that belongs to all Guyanese?

The PPP is a biased source and what media reports suggest that Granger is giving away land to his friends?  The PPP has made some sensational allegations about land distribution that have proven to be sensationally false.