Reply to "Fed Up Party"

VishMahabir posted:
Chief posted:

Two Berbice attorneys Mr. Sohan and Mr. Crawford launched  a new political party in Guyana.

Both of these attorneys are well known and has been in the spotlight for thier behaviour to curse and get on bad.

Probably they are the solution.

Wishing Fed Up all the best.

Huh....? interesting...catchy phrase for a party.

ne of dem banna was on social media (believed Ray posted it some time back) cussin a police officer.

So they just representing Berbice? Maybe its a good idea fore all you Berbicians who feel Berbice been neglected all dese

My prediction: Dey gon be crushed by the PPP brigade and the PNC gon label them as wanting to split the country (it gon be difficult, I guess, to label them as Indian racists by the PNC).




You are correct . On FB some PNCsupporters did Express that Fed Up wants to split the country. 

They will have to add folks from the other counties in order to get some traction.