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Reply to "Families are living under the barrel of guns in Guyana. This is sad."

Iguana posted:
yuji22 posted:

Listen Antiman Iguana,

You are envious that Indos are tracing back their ancestry. Why don’t you go and try to trace your tribe instead of filling up the board with your antiman reptile trash.

Burn antiman reptile  Burn.

...hehehehheheeheheheeeee....a mixture of racism and antiman reference clumsily blended together and ingested by ahwe Hindutva specialist befo he vomit it out in anger! Classic!!!! LMFAO.

Listen you racist Pig,

I could care less about what a POS like you think. No one needs any justification what a racist POS like you think about me or my ancestors.

You come here daily pouring your hate and racism towards Indos and especially if they are able to trace back their ancestors.

Indos really don’t care about what a racist POS like you think.

It would be in your best interest to trace back that tribe of yours instead of raining on other peoples parade.

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