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Reply to "Families are living under the barrel of guns in Guyana. This is sad."

ronan posted:
Baseman posted:

Why did you not pick up with that treacherous clown who said the PPP was "equally wrong" to confront fire with fire?  When faced with an existential treat, you circle the wagons and NEVER second guess the moment.  Just see what could be done better the next time around

And I'm not saying Indians should not support the current Govt.  That's not what I'm, saying.  But don't sell out your own to the swamp dogs.

Have you ever heard Caribj or Ronan criticize the massacres of the 60's and the 2000's and Lusignan/Bartica.  NO, the explain it away as an Indian/PPP creation.

Base will NEVER criticize what was done.  And I would support it again, if apologies, no excuses!

There is a special place in hell for such people.

comes now (once again) the foaming, rabid bleating of Baseman . . . GNI's resident unreconstructed fringe Hindutva racist

who actually thinks he is sly

we watch your not-too-guileful peddling of malign tall tales, race lies and hate speech directed at Afro-Guyanese and Black people in general for political gain rooted deeply in dirty neo-imperial 'Devist' ideology

we watch the DISHONEST drumbeat rhetorical emasculation of Indo-Guyanese who stand athwart the sick "any crime is permissible" agenda your cloven-hooved GT brethren deploy in service to the 'better race ruler' agenda . . . an old tactic from a new generation of small creatures with no balls who are the true weaklings and cowards   

but somehow you and your crew feel that all this is a skillful exercise in Hindutva 'cleverness'

i may not always comment but i pay attention to your periodic shedding of skin

when you molt from time to time as necessary to maintain your 'place' in polite conversation

and yes, i know exactly why you deleted your poisonous race rant on the other thread a few days ago . . . it's because you are a compulsive PUNK with no MORAL filter! 

so your LIES become bigger, more brazen and desperate as you SHRINK AND STINK, and the fact that you never possessed any intellectual clothes becomes ever more apparent

now you seek refuge in Goebbelsian BIG LIES yoked to inventive 'comparison'  . . .  imagine, an old-style bigot, recidivist, mouth-breathing dutty animal like you having the nerve to use my good name as cover


banna, do please stop 'liking' my posts . . . it makes my skin itch with your rank uncleanliness by extension

Quite a rant to say a little!