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Reply to "Families are living under the barrel of guns in Guyana. This is sad."

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Guyana has always been a divided landscape. Before the Wismar incident my grandfather used to employ a lot of black people on our farm and as maids etc. When trouble started, those same black people who depended on us for survival were the first to stop coming to work and cuss us down. They never stuck out a finger to help us, only to help themselves.



Were they afraid of becoming victims themselves?

Well, there were the bullies in their midst.  We were the only Indian family in our village and certainly many did change their attitude at election time.  They puff up and don’t talk till PNC win.  Who knows what if the ppp won?   My dad and mom slept with one eye open during election time.

And why is Baseman answering dis post as if he is Mr T??????

Maybe he has a few handles just like you. This often leads to mistakes when responding. 

I doan need multiple handles. Dis one Gwana gat you and yuh indo KKK fans in a tizzy. Imagine if ah had multiple ones.