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Reply to "Exxon Mobil Seems To Be Hiding The Size Of Guyana's Gas, Cash Flow Could Exceed Expectations"

Baseman posted:
ksazma posted:
cain posted:

So why derass Trump still deh pon a coal kick?

His way of conning the coal mining communities.

Hillary said to mine owners, we will put you out of business.  She did not think of the miners out of work.

Trump spoke to the miners saying I’ll get you back to work. So he rolled back some regulations which reopened some coal power plants.... for now.  Now he’s urging new skill for next generation to wean them off of coal.

That the difference.  It will end the same way eventually.

Hillary just put her foot in her mouth for an intelligent person.

When I turn the TV in the morning there's a banner that makes my day and brings music to my ears. The banner says, "THE IMPEACHMENT OF DONALD J TRUMP".