Reply to "Even with OIL ,SUGAR can work."

kp posted:

Other than your racist rants, you do make some intelligent observations.So tell me, if sugar and rice are DEAD, what other profitable industry should the government or people invest . Remember, you still have half the population over 45 years old, too old for retraining,and lack of basic education, how can you still that generation in the workforce. It is just a question.

I never said rice is dead.   If Guyana doesn't improve its productivity it will be, but ample markets exist for rice in the Americas and most of this rice comes from Asia, so if Guyana cannot compete with producers THOUSANDS of miles away then it is our fault!

I see so folks can whine all day about the "oppression of the poor Indian" by these terrible blacks but when I suggest that the Indian has been EQUALLY oppressive that becomes racist.

Its this complete Indocentric perspective which is the #! reason why Guyana is in the miasma that it is in.  Elements of the black population concede that the treatment of Indians hasn't been always been fair and these same people remain RESPECTED by Afro Guyanese and are NOT called traitors for expressing this view.

We see SILENCE from so called moderate Indians.  They either agree with the Indo radicals or they just don't care less.  Either damaging in terms of how non Indians see Indians.  In fact the socalled moderate Indians spend more time screaming that I am a racist rather than tending to the racists in their group.

You see this is the double standards of which I speak.  Guyana finds itself with two loss making companies.  Guymine where the bulk of the workers were blacks and located in areas where bauxite was the sole source of employment. Guysuco where the bulk of the workers are Indians and there are alternative employment opportunities.

When Guymine fired 80% of the bauxite workers the only response from Indians was "dem blackman deserve it, blackman lazy".  When the subsequent economic collapse of the bauxite areas led to residents protesting when the subsidy for electricity was to be removed, Indians celebrated when blacks were shot in cold blood.  More screams of "blackman lazy and ungrateful" emanating from these quarters.

When we blacks protest against these attitudes we are called racists.  Where are the Indians protesting against these attitudes.  Given the absence pardon us for concluding that this thinking is that of the majority of the Indian population, some being quieter on this while others being more openly blatant.  And the use of "PNC" fooling no one.

Accept this fact.  The attitude of Indians towards the mainly black bauxite workers has set a precedent for what will now happen to the mainly Indian sugar workers.  When D2 warned people here that such Indocentric attitudes will hurt Indians he was also called an anti Indian racist

At least 10 years ago Guyana was warned to transition away from a dependence on the EU for subsidized prices and guaranteed access for its sugar.  "Fake doctor" went on a screaming rampage ranting about colonialism and how people were dragged from India to cut cane in Guyana.  Implying that the UK had an obligation to take care of this people ad infinitum.

Had the PPP at that time began a gradual transition away from bulk sugar for the EU to branded sugar for local and CARICOM markets and "industrial" sugar/molasses for the assorted CARICOM agro industrial industries.  Had they then transitioned the excess lands to other forms of agriculture, taking into account  CARICOM's US$5 TRILLION food bill.  We would not be in this mess.

Guyana is a poor country.  It cannot continue to bail out an industry which at most has another 5 years to exist.  What of when EU says no thank you and no longer buys bulk sugar from Guyana?  This continued injection into a failng industry is a WASTE of funds.

But folks can continue to follow "Mr. Super Indian" fake doctor as he leads them off a cliff.  Super Indian has yet to tell his people that within the next 5 years there will be few buyers for Guyanese sugar at prices that can sustain the industry in Guyana!