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What you are doing is trying to cover up with thousands of words, regarding   "The Constitution requires GECOM be always ready for elections within 90 days"  was that ever done in Guyana ?  can that be done ? is the CM  legislation  to cut Presidential Powers flawed ?

Back to the events of  Ramoutar , he used Presidential Powers to prorogue parliament was that Democratic ?

Ramoutar using presidential powers to prorogue parliament was legal just like the NCM that the APNU and AFC sought to impose on the Ramoutar government.

The constitution clearly stated that on the passing of a NCM, elections MUST be held within 90 days. Guyana never had a successful passing of an NCM so there is no way of saying if it would have been abided by or not.

Guyana had an attempted NCM in 2014 which was quashed by Ramoutar proroguing parliament but subject to the rules regarding the proroguing of parliament, Ramoutar did hold elections within its legal required period of 6 months.

I don't need to cover up anything because I don't have any dogs in this race. I make comments and since the Coalition are the ones currently doing the wickedness, my comments would definitely be addressed to them.

The successful passing of a NCM requires elections to be held within 90 days. 

So far the Coalition has shown no ability or willingness to abide by that requirement. 

That is the only matter that is currently pertinent.

Elections is the responsibility of GECOM,  not  APNU,AFC, PPP or any other party.

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