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Reply to "Electoral demographics behind strident opposition calls for elections now"

caribny posted:
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I do not have to fall for the prisoners dilemma. I already said I advocate for any other third party to be the sword of Damocles over the heads of both. And Granger is no innocent person given his portioning out our state lands to his people. Further he has done not one damn thing to mediate our ethnic strife but participated in the deepening of it with much of his decisions. The PPP has as much chance if not a greater chance than the APNU which is behind the eight ball from the jump. the competition is for eleven percent of the electorate. Split that between Amerindians and Mixed and the hill is not an arduous hike. My hope is some 30 k votes is leeched away weakening both 

The reality even as you live in a fantasy world is that the choice is Jagdeo or Granger. At this point there will be no 3rd party. That NCV stunt has polarized Guyana in a way that it hasn't been since the early 60s, based on many reports that I hear.  

The specter of Indians collaborating with each other to bring down a gov't which was voted in by most blacks has merely underscored a belief that Indians are clannish and cannot be trusted.

And you really need to stop this nonsense that a "mixed" vote exists.  It doesnt.  Most mixed identified people are part black and share all of the ethnic insecurities about Indians that blacks do.   

 Guyana is now a 40:40 tribal nation. 20% of the country is non tribalist, Amerindians and some urban middle class black/mixed identified and Indians.  The winner will be the faction which captures the non tribalist vote and gets its tribalists to show up.

Where did I have those two as my choice? It is your fantasy that Granger can deliver. All he has done to this point is to re engineer our ministerial system to water down lines of authority an so he alone has control. Add to that he did as the PPP did and filled all of the important roles down to second tier management in t he hands of Africans. He is as big a racist as Jagdeo is accused of being and it is only a matter of time given his prodigious attempt to parcel out state lands to his cronies that he can achieve to the same level of kleptocracy.

Your 40:40 ratio to begin with is farcical. Africans have not increased by 10 percent since the last elections and guessing 10 percent of the self identified mix will gravitate to the APNU is not even educated guess work. As I noted earlier. The PPP has to woe 11 percent to their side. The PNC has the uphill climb of twice that to hold the government. And this is on the ideal circumstances of everyone voting.  A higher percentage of APNU supporters always stay home. If the small parties leech they will be from the urban youth and Amerindians and both decreases the APNU's chances. 

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