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Reply to "Electoral demographics behind strident opposition calls for elections now"

ksazma posted:
caribny posted:
Django posted:

You have missed the point, article was posted for reference,

 regarding "The Constitution requires GECOM be always ready for elections within 90 days"

In Trinidad election results are known before 6AM the following day.  In Jamaica the results are known within 3 hours of poll closing.

In Guyana it takes THREE days. And it is NOT about the interior as the last results in are almost always Region 4.

GECOM is NEVER ready and it doesnt matter which gov't has been in power.

The difference is the current GECOM chairman and his cohorts have been sitting on their lazy or wicked asses for over 6 months now when they should have already held elections.

And what of the GECOM under PPP rule. Taking three times the amount of time to count one third of the votes that Jamaica has.

Also Guyana operates on a national vote.  In Jamaica its constituency based so their counting is more complex.

GECOM is inefficient and has always been and its only in your twisted head that this only recently became a problem.