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Reply to "Electoral demographics behind strident opposition calls for elections now"

caribny posted:
Stormborn posted:

The PPP has the numeric edge and also the enthusiasm edge. Indians are scared of this regime. The AFC defectors have long been dishe

Indians are no longer the majority.  Guyana has now entered a space where who turns out to vote matters more than which tribal is the largest.

Amerindians can simply sit it out.

Also please dont underestimate the fear that the African and black identified mixed (together now about the same size as the Indian population) have of Jagdeo.

The PPPs rush to have elections is tied to "first oil".  Jagdeo has even screamed that he will be the oil czar if the PPP wins.  Please outline ideas promulgated by him to ensure that the oil revenues will be deployed in a manner to ensure balanced development, improved social/physical infrastructure, and most importantly ethnically balanced equity in who benefits.

He merely wants to assign who gets what and who benefits and it isnt going to be 99% of the population.

So go on and champion a PPP victory.

As a self identified group they are. They usually get a majority of the mixed votes as well. The Amerindians are the toss up and usually vote for the incumbent administration. This time they won't.

The demographics are thin but given the realty that the PNC only won by a mere handful of votes the last time and the AFC leeched away a few thousands from the PPP one cannot see them winning a plurality.

Both party want their hands on oil money so the PPP are not the sole sinners. 

I do not want granger again. He is insipid, uncreatrive and uninspiring and does not seem to care of reform. I am not championing the PPP. I am doing exactly as I did when I advocated for the PNC; advocating a switch given the part in office is a let down. Maybe next time they will learn and have the guts to put democracy first. 

Hopefully none of them will have the upper hand if the smaller parties take a few seats.