Reply to "Elections in Guyana"

Django posted:
Dave posted:

Django bhai, Good marning. May I remind you this .. right after the no confidence motion, the question was asked how can Election be held in 3 months. 

You jump in and say, Yes it can be held...  there should be NO ISSUES as the government has the list they just used for LGE and the machine is oil and ready to go ... just a few tweaking. 

You NEVER express any concerned. 

Since the government comes up with all them Nancy stories why election can’t be held , you back peddle and suddenly the same voter list you endorsed is not good. 

This is the hypocrisy of you, was skelly wrong to called you a S$&@ *** Hypocrite which you felt was insulting??? 

With all i have stated, that what you can come up with ?

Having taking a deeper analysis, is it not correct to change one stand ? There are no nancy stories, the ploy of the opposition leader is revealed. I mentioned it will back fire.

Nothing is wrong to change, but you have been a very controversial person with your comments. 

Comrade Gill asked if you will respect about the court decision before the Chief Justice make her announcement ( and I knew where he was coming from ) lo and behold you back peddle on your comments again.