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Reply to "Election Recount - May 2020"

@Former Member posted:

Rochelle gal, how can you call PPPC spreadsheet rigging, when this document was created by the party for it own tabulation, which is NOT authentic... mistake can be made with the input of figures. Even GECOM will not rely on this excel document. PPPC upload their SOPs on their website  which match the SOR  (Recount) and that is important.  

BTW, I see you took Shaz comments and run with it, you missed his comments where they accused him of been a . I posted this part of his  comments earlier, he also said, PPPC and APNU/AFC knew seconds after the polls were closed  who won the election. (  DJ knows this ,ask him ) but yet APNU/AFC  refused to declare their SOPs, but claiming victory... funny eh. 

APNU/AFC has their own tabulation of the SOPs. How in Gods name, can PPPC provide SOPs signed by APNU/AFC party agents and then try to rig the results... explain this Madame lawyer. 

You and me and uncle Django can create our own spreadsheet using the SOPs that PPPC upload. Lets concentrate on getting this recount done with transparency and credibility.  The peddling of misinformation is causing division and hatred that  will take us decades to rebuilt.

The recount is in progress, let's focus on that.


If "mistakes can be made" and there is now a sudden need to "concentrate on getting this recount done", why would PPP/C take the time to EDIT/MODIFY documents and upload their revised spreadsheet on their website??

Please note below as evidence, which can also be seen on your own accord at the below website:

 Now you want to equate this unraveling as "peddling of misinformation"???

The above are FACTS of what occurred and what PPP/C is trying to do. Cover up their lies!

For you or anyone to not see that shows that you're part of the problem. 

A good day to you.

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