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Reply to "East Indian population under PNC and PPP Government of Guyana"

kp posted:
caribny posted:

What abject nonsense.  Thousands of people fled under the PNC in thelate 70s and 80s and have continued to flee since.  A phenomenon which emerged after 2000 was large numbers of Indo Guyanese fleeing to majority black islands and taking their racist attitudes about black people with them. Even as they often toiled in jobs that the locals didn't want.

Prior to 2000 most Guyanese heading to the Islands were Afros, many of whom were descendants of earlier waves of migrants FROM those places and so were returning as the kids and grandkids.  This being especially true for migration to Barbados and St Lucia.  In the latter they were called "Guy-Lus".

So why did so many Indos flee if life under the PPP was so great.  It isn't as if this people were migrating to affluent societies unless you tell me that places like Barbados, St Kitts Nevis, Grenada, St Maarten and the BVI are great.  The point was that as bad as those places were they offered better income opportunities than did Guyana under Jagdeo.

If the PPP was booming then why did the population fall between 2002 and 2012?  This happened even as migration to North American tightened as visas became harder to get and both Canada and the USA have stated this.  It was the massive migration to the Islands that accounted for much of this population decline.

The fact is the economy was stagnant from 2000/6 after which high gold prices led to significant growth, this spilling over into the retail and housing sectors.  Jagdeo had NOTHING to do with this.  The man was a total failure and all that he touched turned to fecal matter. Look at Guysuco as an example.

What's the point argue with you , you have a one track mind a dutty , black , racist mind.

I challenge you to point out where in my post is there any racist comment.

Note to you.  Not genuflecting to your propaganda doesn't make me a racist, where as when you buddy yesterday screamed that blacks are lazy, violent and a scourge that was racist.  But you said nothing to him.