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Dubai Expo was a friends and family ‘ting’ again

October 21, 2021


Dear Editor,

Personal thoughts: I feel sad to see how the people of Guyana’s money is being squandered in Dubai. Not that the trip should not have happened, but the trip could have been tailored to suit Guyana’s pocket. I feel proud of the performances and high quality of talent of our people there but I have burning questions in my mind: how many persons really are on this trip? What is the purpose of each of those persons? So many questionable persons on this trip I wonder why they really are there. The personal assistant to the First Lady is there and like he is on a personal vacation, I wonder whose tax dollars is paying for all the meals and sights. To assist her do what????

An economy round trip ticket to Dubai from Guyana is nearly $600,000 Guyana Dollars. Then add hotel and transportation to that. Why the Government of Guyana has to go so overboard with these trips? The Opposition did the same thing when they were sitting there. They are another weak bunch failing to call out this wasteful lavish trip by the current administration. I voted PPP before but I am highly disappointed. I need my questions answered. Guyanese demand a breakdown of spending for this fetè in Dubai. I have no apologies to make. The Opposition instead of focusing on this decided to spend time on how Priya Manickchand dressed or how President Ali looks in his suit—frivolous matters. The Kaieteur News once known for its highly objective reporting only obsesses daily about the oil and oil contract.

Starvation continues in Guyana in the deep pockets of the society. Meanwhile we can shuttle dozens of useless and unnecessary people to halfway around the world for a festival — all compliments of the poor and hard-working Guyanese population. Why were no private media taken to Dubai? What is the purpose of ‘Visit Guyana’ there? That is not a media house. Only the Guyana Chronicle was lucky to be there. Why not a reporter from KN, Stabroek News or even Gordon Moseley or Chabrol? What is the purpose again I ask of the First Lady’s personal assistant there? What are the roles and functions of each participant? There has to be a breakdown for taxpayers to see. You have ministers there with their spouses and family. It’s a friends and family ‘ting’ again.


Leon Suseran

Queens NY

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