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Reply to "Dual citizens’ false declarations nabbed"

Dave posted:
Django posted:
Dave posted :

I believe the declaration and oath taken on Nomination day is consider a public declaration.... but there is a  government ( APNU/ AFC ) SQUATTING  in office since Dec 2018.

All the Dual Citizenship Candidates have taken oath and made declarations in front of a JP, in past elections  ,why should the public believe their words ?

Candidates on the List don't take oaths or make declarations on nomination day.

Regarding the the squatting of government in office ,elections around the corner.

Django bhai not sure if you are doing your research properly, but read this .

The law prescribed that the submissions of the lists of candidates and nominators will have to be done strictly on Nomination Day and within the timeframe set – no time earlier or later.
Each parties’ National Top-Up List should comprise of 300-330 nominators, 42 candidates (persons to be elected to sit in National Assembly) who all need a singed statutory declaration form in the presence of a Commissioner of Oath or Justice of Peace, and include the name of the Presidential Candidate.
The Statutory Declaration form is what candidates sign to indicate that they are Guyanese and conform to other requirements set out in the law.

I don’t think any of us knew about this dual citizenship ting until Charandass case came up and your uncle Basil Willey and Rumjat thought its a golden opportunity to reverse the NCM, but their was more crocks within them .. who do you think gets the last laugh 😂😂😂