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Reply to "Dr. Politics redux - by TK."

Django posted:

Nicolette Odella Henry
 - Minister of Education.

Hon. Nicolette Henry Minister of Education

Nicolette Henry (born 15 February 1970) is a Guyanese politician and former military officer who has been appointed a Minister as of May 2015.

Minister Henry has over twenty (20) years of managerial experience and thirteen (13) at the senior professional level.Before her ministerial appointment, she served as Public Health Specialist (Prevention) for the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)for nine years.

In the capacity of Public Health Specialist, Minister Henry functioned as the technical lead for HIV Prevention,Adolescent Development, Gender, Safe Water and Blood Safety to scale up prevention activities using best practices from the field of behavioural science and economics with the aim of universal access.

Minister Henry also has the distinction of serving her country as a Commissioned Corps Officer (Captain), in the capacity of Officer Commanding the Medical Corps- Guyana Defence Force.

She also brings to her portfolio continued commitment to advancing excellence and equity for all. Her exceptional programmatic capacity and experience in closing gaps,creating linkages and reducing disparities in service delivery are well suited to championing Guyana’s journey to first class education, fifty plus years after independence.

Her publications include Transfusion Medicine transcript on: “The computerize tracking system for resource limited settings - The example Georgetown, Guyana”

Ms. Henry’s honors and special awards include the United States Government - Honor Award (June 2014), Eagle Award (September 2012) and Meritorious Honor Award for the extraordinary and exceptional performance of duties (December 2010).

Minister Henry’s life story epitomizes the extraordinary power of education. In her early years, she attended Berbice High School and New Amsterdam Multilateral and later advanced in her studies and is now a Pharmacist with a Master’s in Public Health.

Additionally, Ms. Henry is currently a Dr. PH (Candidate). Her belief in service and the importance of quality education for all have root in her own experiences of overpowering the odds and going on to become a Doctoral Scholar and Minister of Education for the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

 Su bhai Labba, what you think of diwali phagwah minister of education, achievement, any fake qualifications ??

I see no undergrad. To work as a pharmacist one must have a minimum of two years undergrad and pharmacy school where when one graduates one can call themselves a doctor. This one has degrees in public health so it means she has an undergrad somewhere. The career choices is more fragmented than broken glass. But that is not peculiar simply confusing  as to career choice.  I also wonder how you can publish in computerize tracking which means one has some specialized understanding in systems engineering as well as computing. Maybe she picked that up at Multilateral...not unheard of. And what is the PhD program about? If Ifart is confusing this one is  startling. It is not a Bio intending to highlight her academic achievements and work. It is either poorly written or the something is missing.

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