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Prince, BJ is no Dr., honorary degrees don't count.

Granger is no frigging president either, ok. and next time don't give me the whole kitchen sink about honorary degree. I am not a dunce. I will continue to address him as I please.

Did i say you are dunce ??

May i ask who are you fooling to add Dr. with BJ name on public forums ??

Regardless what you and the rest of your PNC boys think of Jagdeo, he has done more for the Guyanese people than all the PNC combined. You people preach that Jagdeo and the PPP stole money and got rich. You don't look in your own backyard and saw that the PNC bankrupted Guyana and emptied the treasury. You do not acknowledge Harmunjah's goady hanging with the $5 Mil(USD). You do not acknowledge your PNC boys sporting up, living in luxury, vacationing overseas at the taxpayers' expense. You do not see the 50% raises and luxurious living of the corrupted and criminal PNC crd carrying members. As a card carrying member, do you enjoy any of these perks?????

Skelly de man an egotist. What he has today could not have been done on his paycheck. The 50% raise is justified to fill the gap between his paycheck. Still there is room to catch up. Jagdeo set the bench mark. He earns more than Obama. It has not been proven that Harmon is in receipt of the $5Mil. 

All politicians are scoundrels. They all want the power to fill their pockets. During the PNC days, there was a mayor in Corriverton who built a mansion bigger than anything around. Where did he get that money? Remember Sydney Jackman? The dunce who was admiring Sobers' strokes that he failed to stump him out? He was a rich mayor too. All the rice board bastards were leeches too. PNC, PPP, APNU, AFC, name their leaders and associates and you can see greed and blood coming out of their eyes.