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Reply to "Do Not Hold Your Breath Guyanese."

Stormborn posted:
Reza R. Rahaman posted:

At the rate thing are going, regarding the elections, in Guyana, I do not foresee Guyanese going to the polls by September 18th.  Mr. Granger keeps shifting the responsibility to the Guyana Elections Commission. It is high time that David Granger take on that  high moral ground and call early elections.  Or, is he too timid to do so?  

He needs time to game the system. With the list coming out, his people will have the voter file. As such he can target suppression tactics earlier and pad the list where convenient. This is completely strategic delay to plan B the elections.

The arrogance of the PPP has always been their downfall. They and their followers deserve the boot that is coming down on their heads.

Had they done the right thing and devolve power from the center and take us to a direct constituency electoral system, the PNC could not easily circumvent democracy. 

They now want to do exactly what the PPP did, create their own patronage system were friends and family benefit and where the apportion the state as they see fit to their constituency. 

Our salvation lies in a mediating middle where a third party can have the ability to boot any thieving regime from power and let the people do the auto correction. 

To change the needed parts of the constitution; specifically for elections of representatives for each constituency; it requires a minimum of two-thirds of the elected MPs in parliament.

The current constitution was created by Burnham when he miraculously obtained more than two-thirds of the elected MPs; with minor changes made during its period which required a mere majority of MPs.

After the 1992 elections, PPPC and PNCR have obtained MPS in the 30's.

There are no indications that the PNCR has made attempts to coordinate with the PPPC to amend the constitution for the needed changes among others; for elections to held on a constituency basis.

Proportional Representation became the election method in 1964.