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Reply to "Do Not Hold Your Breath Guyanese."

Django posted:
Stormborn posted:
Dave posted:

Jagdeo played into the hands of Granger because of his selfishness. PPP is not even getting the support from the ABC countries in regards to violation of the constitution.... because BJ select an alleged criminal for President. 

Most of the PPP top executives are MIA. 

While the H2H registration is continuing, Jagdeo encourages his supporters not to register, that was a dumb move. 



He should be out there encouraging each of his constituency to make their way to the local registration centers and ensure they are registered.  This is the only way to ensure they are legitimately on the list.

The PNC will want to exclude as many of voters they think would be against them in each precinct and pad where they think is necessary 

I don't think skulduggery needed for the Coalition to win the coming elections.

Unless by some miracle they compensated for those who defected to the AFC and are now in their ethnic nursery the APNU Has no option of winning. They have shown they are as barnacles to a pier when it comes top delaying the elections so they will do all they can to retain the office. This is gargantuan sums that none of those church mice in office can earn on their own