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Django started to delete images and screenshot messages and even FB links that was exposing the Government and shows Djanjo contradiction. He did the same with the US report, and question it’s authenticity.. like it was some fake . Links to the US video was posted that show a snippet of that statement, Django when crazy and deleted some of the evidence.

Django has no ethical authority to take down any of what you listed above. As long as they are sourced they should not be taken down. I do not want to be a part of anything system that intrudes on free speech. And let me make t he point that others have informed me for over a decade now; the Hughes are rapacious mercantalists, no bones about that.  I  do not begrudge their zeal in the pursuit  of  cash but actions such as setting up shop in Texas troubles me. 

I am bit leery with video snippets ,they don't give the real intent of the story.

I posted the entire statement  from the US representative ,with the links from US gov website.

Not for you to judge...for us the reader to do so. If you think it is dodgy we will on our own come to the same conclusion. I am glad you take the initiative to source the background of some posts but know you do that for your own peace of mind. If we are uneasy about a link we are obliged to research it our selves.

For example, as much as I am disgusted with Ugli posting the clearly skewed and  partisan crap from fox news and adopting all their stupid taglines which is fed to them by a cadre of trumpians, he has a right to freely post them. It is up to the readers here to deconstruct the nonsense and separate the wheat from the chaff.

One only gets fake news if one is unawares and one is unawares only if one does not have the habit of accepting the productions  of other unquestioningly. 

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