Reply to "Democrats cork duck."

Sean posted:

Looks like Dem lefties showed up prattling what the fake news media has been peddling.

Day 1. The President power team of lawyers won. Democrats had to fold their tent and go home. 

Republicans have given them 24 hours to present their very weak case. They boasted that they had overwhelming evidence Yet they showed up at the senate like a bunch of weak links with bowl in hand. Prattling the same nonsense again and again. 

The President’s team of lawyers put them in their place by reminding them that they are no longer in charge of the trial and that the senate will decide on the “evidence” presented.

Democrats are more hapless than the PNC !  

Shifty Schiff literally was crying as as he failed to present his hoax as evidence in the senate. This hoax will be wrapped  up and thrown out of the senate as quickly as possible. 

This will send a strong message to any future bunch of hoaxters and fakesters that they just can’t make up a story in the basement of the House of Representatives and then start an illegal investigation without the House not even voting or approving any such investigation. They had the balls to intimidate witnesses and threatening them into making false stories and Hallucinating by calling a bunch of mainly foreign born people or called witnesses all of whom said that they had no direct evidence but were only expressing an opinion or what they thought what they heard. This is utter BS ! 

These shameless democrats then showed up at the Senate with “overwhelming evidence”  and the tried to bully and intimidate the senate into allowing them to extend the investigation when the old bag Nancy sat on the “evidence” for over 30 days ! 

President Trump’s team of top notch lawyers rightly blasted them for conducting a secret and illegal investigation and then trying to extend the investigation in the senate after they conducted a sloppy and illegal investigation. The lawyers reminded them any judge would have thrown the books at them if they showed up in a court of law and on the day of trial trying to pull off such an illegal and outrageous act by trying to add more evidence after the had their day for discovery and presentation of evidence. 

Most who don’t know how the court system works prattle what the fake news media is peddling but the fact remains that the sloppy democrats failed to remember that this “evidence” does not and will not pass the required standard for impeachment in any court of law and was just an attempt illegally remove a democratically elected president from office just because their candidate lost !

Thank god that the US founding fathers saw this happening and had checks and balances in place to deal with these Democrat clowns.

Day 2 today and they will have their chance to present their “evidence”’ as the Republicans gave both sides equal time.

The funniest part of all of this was in the very end when crooked Schiff tried to have the Supreme Court Judge make all final decisions when in fact the constitution only allows for the senators to make that decision ! These democrats are living in a bubble and Republicans and the President’s team of lawyers will burst their bubble tomorrow and in the days to come.

For those who prattle nonsense, pease take some time to watch the full proceedings instead of praying fake news. 

Them Americans are not saying anything about the impeachment, you deh somewhere behind God,s back in Canada prattling about the pervert. Are you running on all cylinders? Let's stick to Guyana Politics.