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Furthermore, if you believe I am scare, you don’t know me fully.  The PNC top executives knows my political affiliation. Never mind I contribute to them when asked. 
I does provide the check for the games in Alboystown and depressing areas, that’s why I can hang out and still drink a beer in Buxton. 

Let Django explain a little to you, I don't care which political affiliations you belong to ,none of my business.

Django belongs to none , he never buys his way.

You saying it does not make it true. when it brays like an ass, liooks like one. Smells like one, it is an ass. You try to insult our intelligence here by making your ridiculous claim. 

I will re-state i have no affiliation with any Political Parties in Guyana . For all the years i  have migrated ,there was only one time ,attended a political gathering,was in the last summer in NYC,the reasons was concern for the Indo Guyanese welfare. I stay far from Politicians.

Have made my name public for any one on this forum to see ,place your mouse pointer over my nick ,then click on it.

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