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FaceBook post with the links as source exposes people , these people are in their own groups and their friends. Respect their privacy within their groups.

I have pointed it out , you have exposed your own self ,your post was deleted from the comments in that group.

You are a wicked and mischievous big man. Facebook is public, who are you to decide on someone privacy. 

Here you are identifying myself on this site through my company.. regardless of if anyone knows that on this site, you have no bloody rite to identify me, that’s a clear case of violation on this forum.
Now you can go to hell. 

Your privacy is important ,any one else doesn't matter. No member on the forum wants to be identified ,they can see other people post within their FaceBook groups.

I rather go to hell than expose people. You need to understand FaceBook is Public for the users  that are in their Groups only people within that group see each other post.

DJ, you are a hypocrite. You went out of your way to try identifying me, you even mentioned in our argument who you thought I am.

I told you then that I have nothing to hide, that you can publish my personal info.  Then you said that you did no such thing. Now, you will deny it as you denied it earlier. Privacy is only important to you when it fits into what you want to do.

This is part of why when you assume ownership of the site, I will cease being a member of this site.

Mr.Zed ,quite interesting with your label. Will expound a little ,there was no interest to know who you are ,i have explained while searching Google for information on Guyana, which became an interest ,information popped up ,everyone here give away a piece of information ,without thinking it can be masked. Place the mouse pointer over your nick ,email address are exposed, yours is public  it ends [.ca ] you can be identified. Recently a new member whose email is public , I informed him to mask it ,have also advised a few members here to do the same. Sir, there was no arguments ,it was a discussion where i was accused of an immoral action.

I have learned a lot how www works ,since migrated ,it was about five years after the technology was introduced. I have done some studies on the www technology ,being in the technical field ,i have also studied how computer works.

In the early years we had dial up internet, i was signed up with AOL ,my email address from aol have my last name. There were two browsers ,Internet Explorer and Netscape ,today there are many one can use. In those days no one cared  about privacy, the phone book ,had information about you ,down to where you live. Many Guyanese signed up on GNI Email Directory , we wanted to make connection with other Guyanese in North America ,friends and villagers whom we have lost contact with, it was no major concern. Today it's important. It's your right to leave whenever you decided to do so, you have stated that a few times, in as much it will be a lost ,"it's what it is" ,sorry to see you go.

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