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kp posted:


In Guyana, there’s an old, if earthy, saying that pithily summarises what’s going on today in our dear old mudland: “Takin’ yuh doody and daubin’ it pon yuh mattie backside!” How else can you describe the PNC saying that for not returning to the National Assembly and agreeing to an extension of time for elections, the PPP’s breaching the Constitution!!
Yep!! That’s what they said…and you can read all about it in Nagamootoo’s column and editorial in the Chronic. One wonders if this version of “33 not the majority of 65” originated with him. After all, he keeps insisting he’s a fiction writer – and even put his efforts in the same sentence mentioning the departure of the great Toni Morrison!!
Does he think this will get him the nod over Ramjattan as the PM footstool for the PNC in the next elections?
But what about his reaction right after the passage of the no-confidence motion back in Dec 21 2018? Didn’t he say his government would have to resign within three months to comply with Art 106 (6)? Didn’t he say, “Guyanese must understand that the democratic process is sometimes unpredictable. You may have results that are not planned for…but the outcome has to be accepted… It may be a surprise to some, it may be a shock to others; it may be welcomed by some, and others may rejoice over the results, but that is how democracy works, and we are fully committed to the rule of law”?
Didn’t he plead, “We want our people to maintain the peace, the good order, the stability of our country. We want nothing to happen in our society that will affect the stability and peace, and we want nothing to happen that will affect the business community in this particular period that you have bright business”? And now he’s demanding that it’s the PPP’s duty to return to Parliament and extend the time Government has already stolen? Even though the society is tense and business sucks?
So how’d they arrive at this oxymoron?? The PNC and Nagamootoo insist that Art 106 (6) and 106 (7) must be read together. Okay so far. But where they veer off into la-la land is when they insist that the observation in Art 106 (7), that the 3 months’ deadline of 106 (6) CAN be extended by a two-thirds majority vote, places a DUTY on the PPP to lend them their votes to get that majority!!
So they breach their Constitutional obligations by remaining in office beyond the allowed 3 months, and the PPP’s in breach if they don’t go along??
Is Nagamootoo back to imbibing bush rum from Whim??

…with the race brush
The PNC machinery is in high gear, daubing this newspaper with the race brush because it cited concerns that the Haitians pouring through Guyana might pose health risks. The Chronic reported NY Caribbean-descended lawmakers that such was the case.
But what’s so “racist” about raising these concerns
When, according to SN, “Mabaruma Mayor Henry Smith yesterday warned that a health crisis may be looming in Region One, given the large number of Venezuelans who are illegally crossing the border”?? Was he being racist?? When the PNC-appointed REO seconded this stance, was he being racist?? Or is it that “racism” is okay if it’s against Venezuelan Amerindians?
The Ministry of Health agreed that these Haitian health concerns were “reasonable”. Were they racist??
On the concerns about cholera…doesn’t the bacteria survive in the infected for long periods?? Couldn’t they be transmitted to others who use overcrowded toilet facilities in the hotel rooms they’re herded into? Is it unreasonable that, apart from demanding cash, sex might be demanded from AIDS infected Haitian women?
The race card is being used to muzzle valid concerns.

…the victims
The Chronic also ran a human-interest piece about residents of Buxton reflecting on the killings and mayhem in their village. One called for a “COI” into the events – as did Jagdeo.
So why’s the PNC refusing?

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