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Bandit attempted to rape businesswoman

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POLICE are looking for a suspect who attempted to rape a 60-year-old businesswoman of Rosignol Village, West Bank Berbice, after robbing her of cash and jewellery.
The robber fled the scene of the crime after the businesswoman’s daughter walked into the house and caught the perpetrator, who is known, trying to commit the act.

Reports indicate that the businesswoman was awaiting her daughter’s return from Georgetown when she was attacked in the lower-flat of her home.
The robber entered the woman’s house unknowing to her, crept up behind her, grabbed her neck and choked her.
“I get my eyes on you long now,” the robber reportedly told the businesswoman while choking her.

The bandit, whose face was slightly covered, then escorted the woman into her business flat and retrieved cash from her shop drawer. He then took her upstairs where he took off his underwear and attempted to rape the businesswoman.

However, before the act was committed, the woman’s daughter entered the home and called out to the perpetrator whom she recognised. Scared, he grabbed his pants and ran out the house; making good his escape.

The matter was reported to the police who have since launched an investigation.