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Teenage bandit nabbed, thrashed after attempting to slit granny’s throat



  • Burglary charge dismissed against him the day before

The teenage bandit, Ronaldo Parris

A teenage bandit, who has several break and enter charges pending in court, received a sound thrashing early yesterday morning, after he and two of his accomplices broke into the home of a 53-year-old woman and attempted to slit her throat when she started screaming for help.

Hyacinth LaCruz of Lot 627 ‘C’ Field Sophia was asleep when the men broke into her home and entered her bedroom around 02:30 hrs. The victim sells sweets and other snacks in a shop at the front of her home to upkeep herself.

The suspect identified as 18-year-old Ronaldo Parris was nabbed after he fell into a drain while attempting to escape with his accomplices who he claimed goes by the names “Seon” and “Daniel.” They are all from Sophia.

The police in a release applauded the residents for their bravery in confronting and apprehending the suspect.

Only Wednesday, Parris got a burglary charge dismissed for want of prosecution, after the victim refused to give evidence.

Upon dismissing the case, the Magistrate advised the suspect to be of good behaviour, since he had other pending matters. The police further stated that the teen was caught in the same clothes he wore to attend court.

According to information, the three bandits entered the house by breaking the lock on a door. The victim reportedly woke up as they were about to enter her bedroom and started screaming for her five adult children who were in the house, and neighbours.

Police sources said that when the woman started screaming, Parris rushed towards her with a knife—aiming for her neck, but she managed to push him away, with the lower part of her right thumb being sliced in the process.

Kaieteur News was informed that after the victim pushed away the teenage bandit, one of his accomplices held her from behind and rubbed a knife on her neck and threatened to kill her if she did not stop screaming, and demanded that she handed over her valuables. By that time there were responses from relatives and neighbours causing   the men to flee. Parris was nabbed after he fell through a hole in a wooden bridge.

Yesterday, the woman said that she was sleeping when she heard a strange sound and got out of her bed. “When I go to my bedroom door, I see the lock moving like somebody outside trying to open it with some object, so I started screaming.”

“After I start screaming, they kicked open the door and run in pon me. The one that get beat (Parris), run up to me with the knife to my neck, but I held unto the knife with all my strength and pushed him away, and the other one see this and he come behind me and put a knife on my neck,” the woman recounted.

She said that just after the men asked for her valuables, her children woke up and neighbours started coming out. “When they realize people started coming out, they panicked and run. This one that get catch fall in a hole on the bridge.”

He was thrashed by residents in the area before being handed over to the police. In a video recording seen by this newspaper, the suspect said that it was his accomplice, Daniel, who broke into LaCruz’s home and encouraged him to enter.

The suspect claimed that the robbery was not planned. He stated that they ran away from a police patrol and came across LaCruz’s home. “Listen to me…Listen to me. We pass hay and dem man say look hay and I say no.”

Meanwhile, a resident in the area identified the teenage bandit as one of three men who recently robbed her of her motorcycle. She believed it was the same motorcycle that was used as a getaway bike—based on the description.