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yuji22 posted:
Django posted:

Yugi22, reminds of some people making noise to prove they are "top dog",while in the real world they are empty barrels.

Listen O King of Slop,

Yuji is GNI's top 5 and has earned 100,000 points. You can definitely say top dog and please say it 100 more times.

Yuji posts and threads are among the most read and debated. Hint, take some clues from Yuji.

What is your record again ?

I highly encourage you to start meaningful threads and argue with intelligence and you MAY start edging toward a top dog status. Did you ever visit a cake shop in Guyana and observed how the bottles were staked on the shelves ?

O king of slop, GNI's status and point system is not about making noise. Please read up on how status and points are calculated. Posting PNC slop is not helping your status.

Even my Buddy Gil has been reduced to a Newbie.


Yuji22 (GNI's top 5, 100,000 points)

Stooping low to bolster your claim to be "king of the jungle" is noted,the sound of an empty barrel.

Don't need to check my rank on GNI,whoever are interested can do so by placing their mouse pointer over my nick.