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Reply to "Crime Rampage in Berbice - Check out GNI's biggest thread. Over 12,000 views."

Gilbakka posted:
yuji22 posted:

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Drugb's Crime Tracker thread started on Oct 3, 2015. So, the thread has been running 797 days. 

12,041 views divided by 797 days = 15 views per day. How many times daily does Drugb view his thread? How many times daily does yuji22 view Drugb's thread? How many times daily do non-members/visitors view Drugb's thread? Ma-riddle-ma-riddle-ma-ree....

OK Gil,

It may appear that you are comfortable with the escalation of crime in Guyana. 

Well, Guyanese and especially Berbicians are angry at the idiot Ramjattan for the escalation of crime in Guyana. He appears clueless.

As far as I can recall, the AFC/PNC idiots campaigned on a law and order platform. These idiot lied to Guyanese and DrugB's thread of over 12,000 views stand on it's own. It does not need you, nor Mitwah's nor Tola's endorsement.

Facts are facts. And BTW, whether it is 15 views per day vs 0 views per day does not mean that crime is not a serious problem in Guyana especially with that clown Ramjattan in charge.

Shyte Head Granger and Clown Ramjattan fit like a glove.

Muslims and Hindus are the biggest victims here and worse yet, Mosques and Mandirs are the new targets.

Carry on and keep defending Shyte head Granger and Clown Ramjattan.

All I hear is Jagdeo this and Jagdeo that while Shyte Heads Granger and Ramjattan are given a free pass.

No wonder a racist Black administration is taking advantage of Indos while a few stupid ones are cheering them on.

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