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Reply to "Court orders SOCU to return $7M cash, jewellery seized from gold dealer"

D2 posted:
ronan posted:
Bibi Haniffa posted:

Let's hope they don't lose it like how they lose the $US 18 million.

another stink lie floated by stink people

alyuh MO is to flood de place with wan outrageous vampire lie after another and raise it fram the dead periodically to confuse ordinary people about reality

I did not answer you in your comment to me that this is a lie because I do not have the patient for self deceivers. To date we do not know where the money is. They said it was to pay for Guyana's security but why that is not an allocation from the consolidated fun is beyond me. At one point they did not have it. After 18 months of denial, the four ministers responsible each had a story. Harmon said it was being deposited in a special account at the BOG. Recent declarations of such deposits did not referenced the sum. Lets be clear...where the hell is the money? Why are they treating it as their private piggy bank or stash?

We can be mistaken given the misinformation but not be accused of a lie. The liars are the one maintaining the charade about where this money is. And who have money in hand and yet goes borrowing from people who have loan shark dispositions as the chinese? Man, you are being a skunk like them to defend their attitude and behavior to date. 

you are being deliberately dishonest in running from the required accounting on the other thread, preferring to hide behind Bibi Haniffa's skirt on this thread

but so be it

i took the time to investigate at a very high level at the MOF and BOG after being alarmed at the 'revelations' . . .

the money is, in fact, in a BOG account; and, if that weren't so, common sense screams that all hell would be breaking loose in Guyana as we speak

the fact that you are too bloody lazy to inquire does not make you virtuous

even a cursory looksee at the available public documents would very early on establish that the foundation of your biliousness is solipsistic quicksand 

yes, even whistleblower Chris Ram knows better; and the responsible parties on the Opposition benches in parliament are also well aware while they nod and encourage excitable fools like you . . . smiling at your underinformed offerings as useful fellow traveling nonsense

again . . . there is no $20 million signing bonus; it is $18 million! . . . you repeat a LIE as fact

thankfully, the lid is off regarding the lies of Harmon, Trotman, et al. 

whether they intended to steal the money is moot and unknowable, and i doubt that they would be that stupid given that the establishment of the bank account in question has a quasi-public paper trail . . . a slush fund incorporating the necessity of bankrolling Guyana's case at the ICJ is the smart move of a tiefman mind 

whatever . . . it is now a matter for parliament and the law to determine outcomes regarding transfer of the monies to the consolidated fund

i live in a fact-based world not one of imaginings, weird personal agendas, ego and bitterness

and i will not dignify with comment your strange, irrelevant throw-ins about "money in hand" and "borrowing from people . . . as the Chinese"

now, perhaps it would be of value for you to revisit the meaning of "skunked"

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