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Reply to "Court orders SOCU to return $7M cash, jewellery seized from gold dealer"

D2 posted:
ronan posted:
Bibi Haniffa posted:

Let's hope they don't lose it like how they lose the $US 18 million.

another stink lie floated by stink people

alyuh MO is to flood de place with wan outrageous vampire lie after another and raise it fram the dead periodically to confuse ordinary people about reality

I did not answer you in your comment to me that this is a lie because I do not have the patient for self deceivers. To date we do not know where the money is. They said it was to pay for Guyana's security but why that is not an allocation from the consolidated fun is beyond me. Lets be clear...where the hell is the money?


my comment on this thread has nothing to do with you

if i felt that way, it would be on the other thread where i am available to debate the merits

i may think you are very very wrong and, yes, "unhelpful" in your assertions on this matter but i have too much respect for what you contribute here to 'respond' in the fashion above which i reserve for idle, stupid people

this is not the 1st time you and i have had vigorous disagreement, and i would consider it unhealthy if it were to be the last

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