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I spoke to my visiting cousin from Guyana regarding this.   To place him is perspective, he operates the Deloitte affiliated Chartered Acctg Firm in Guyana, so he speaks from a position of knowledge.

He said we must remember, many things in Guyana have lil hanky panky however, in the grand scheme, Statia is a very competent head of GRA.  Revenues are up, compliance is up and GRA is efficient.  He is a professional!

He said PPP did their hanky-panky also!

I have said in the past that Statia, Van West Charles, Jordan and the Speaker should be retained when this government changes. But these allegations if true do not look good for the individual



You mean this Van West Charles 


According to news report, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has called in for questioning Richard Van West-Charles, who is a director of Atlantic Fuels Inc.


The questioning is in relation to the under-invoicing of fuel that Atlantic Fuels Inc. was purchasing in the free trade border area at Morawhanna, North West District, Region One. According to information received that taxes are upwards of $100M.

Notably, there are at least two instances involving Atlantic Fuels Inc. and what appear to be fake invoices being submitted to GRA. On the fake invoices were two fuel shipments done between September and October last year, where the cost of the diesel was declared about 50 percent less.

I fo get, the esteem Statia was looking North.