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Reply to "Corona"

Coronavirus ain’t got nutten to do wid Corona Beer

Jan 30, 2020 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Source -- Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...-do-wid-corona-beer/

De whole world focusing on this thing people call coronavirus. This is a virus that killing people in China. De thing even reach odda countries like Sweden and de United States.

Dem boys see video wid people in China falling down and dying. This thing start in a part of China wheh dem boys hear people does eat snake and bat.

Some of dem who eat de things dead and people who visiting de place get de virus. Things reach de stage wheh nuff countries moving out dem people. Canada sending a plane fuh pick up Canadians.

Uncle Sam done got a warehouse wheh it plan to keep all dem people who come from China. Dem rich countries mekking elaborate plans to contain de disease.

Two days ago Guyana start to discuss de coronavirus. When some people hear de name right away dem think was something that deh in Corona beer. People even stop drinking de beer. But is de Minister of Health who announce that Guyana have nutten to fear.

Uncle Sam frighten; Canada frighten, England frighten, everybody frighten but Guyana got a ministah who announce that Guyana shouldn’t frighten.

She seh Guyana can handle de Coronavirus.

One woman seh de minister know wha she saying because de virus made in China and nutten from China don’t last long.

Dem boys know that she can’t even drink two corona beer. How she can handle de corona virus? But things reach de stage wheh people mekking joke wid this thing. One man buy four case Corona beer and drink up. De next day when he still had de hangover he tell he boss he got de coronavirus.

But while he laughing de news is not good fuh business. People stop buying food from certain restaurant. And although de people offering de food real cheap, people not buying.

Talk half and start worrying.