Reply to "Contempt of Haitians is shameful"

Stormborn posted:
ronan posted:
fuss you runnin like a rass to “homophobic” for shelter

now you settle on this

mek up yuh mind banna . . . or, more to the point, get the six Stormborn heads together and wuk out a half decent ‘Ronan’ strategy

or perhaps one of the six is a gurl . . . hmmm ?


Shelter? You should seek it given you are among the few here who uses women as metaphor for weakness, speaks of people shaking their "batties" etc. I am just reminding you that it is offensive since you do not seem to have the grounding to grasp that fact. 

My six heads? Well there again you presume to run farther than you can walk. You only parrot what I say. But then again six heads are better than one.  Plus it makes dunces like you feel less intimidated and not feel you bad given you have an excuse that you are ganged up upon,. 

yess . . . i do draw a brite line between man and homan behavior

and we all know which side all “six” of your idle, FAKE personas happen to squat pan

now hustle go beg lil approbation from your abuser drugb you insecure little punk