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Reply to "Contempt of Haitians is shameful"

caribny posted:
Stormborn posted:

You have an active imagination. I said it was a political message. I care little how many Haitians come in if they can be productive and assist in development. I stated that on threads that should exist here. My comments centers around the reality that the PNC may be using them nefariously to pad the list. That is immigration for political reason and the same reason I objected to the PPP bringing in Chinese and handing them passports.

Jagdeo does not need to rile up Indians. Granger is doing a mighty fine job at that. Jagdeo's input is actually counter productive. It is clear he has selected the wrong person to head the party and his face on every issue makes most sane people want to go into fits of retching. He should stay in the background and shut his mouth. 

Yes the political message that Roxanne Persaud and Farah Louis was sending was the total embarrassment that a major Guyanese politician was engaged in vitriol against people from a fellow Caribbean island.  Good that Jagdeo established how deeply rooted racism in Guyana is so they now know what he stands for.

It had NOTHING to do with the PNC. Farah Louis in fact will prefer Haitians in Brooklyn instead of Guyana so she can win their votes.  Given that they are the largest black Caribbean voting bloc in Brooklyn, so will Roxanne Persaud.

Just admit that you are now in recovery and are upset about how Jagdeo infested your brain with lies about Haitians planning to live in Guyana.

We don't know when the election is.  Do you think that Haitians will remain in hiding not earning anything just so that APNU can use them to vote?  Are you really that silly?  What reason can you establish for Haitians to endure this. Granger CANNOT give Haitians green cards and that is the only prize I can think of that would lead them to remain in Guyana to vote APNU, maybe in December. 

Can you see Haitians trying to vote in Guyana? No one at the polling stations speak Haitian Creole and I doubt that most of them know sufficient English to manage given this issue.


Jagdeo could not infect my brain. He is in yours hence you are in love with referencing Him. I  dont. Trump want to send home some 200k of them so I doubt they see any great allure of risking a 5 thousand miles walk to be met with possible years in detention if Trump is re elected. I am sure Guyana is a better place than Haiti so it is not beyond the pale that some would care to remain. French Guyana does not wan't them either because the are using it to enter the EU and France never cared much for black people.