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Stormborn posted:

 This fellow said "Therefore, CARICOM countries, other than The Bahamas and Montserrat, but including Guyana, are legally bound to grant CARICOM nationals the right to remain for a period of six months, provided they are not a security risk and they can demonstrate the ability not to become a charge upon the State during their stay. In principle, this right applies to Haitian nationals as well."

They are refugees, Guyana has 40 percent poverty, why and how they will not become a burden on the state? Barbados learnt its lesson from visa free passage. Guyana will soon...


I se you still suffer from Mad Jagdeo disease.  So racist you are that you cannot see Haitians outside of the perspective of being some impoverished refugee.

1.  They are NOT staying in Guyana so are NOT refugees.  In fact Haitians are more highly regarded in French Guyana than are the Guyanese who also illegally attempt to live there!

2.  When they reach their destinations they will WORK.  They don't want handouts.

In fact I suggest that you tell those Central Americans that they can learn a thing or two from Haitians. When Obama blocked Haitians from entry into the USA to get TPS they found work and some eventualy set up businesses in Tijuana and other Mexican cities.  Not lie on the ground and weep like those Central Americans.  As bad as Honduras and Guatemala might be Haiti is WORSE.  Maybe because of this and the fact that they are black Haitians don't aggressively demand that any nation must accept them because they are poor, or their country lawless.  They try to do the best that they can.

If a black Haitian, who doesn't speak Spanish and who is culturally alien in Mexico can figure out how to survive there or in Chile than a Guatemalan can. 

The USA CANNOT solve all the problems of the world!  And Obama who deported more immigrants than Trump has yet to do, proved this.  It is only in 2015 and 2016 that Obama deported fewer people then Trump did last year!

Btw those kids in cages and foil blankets in freeing buildings began under Obama.  People need to learn to be honest.


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