Reply to "Contempt of Haitians is shameful"

ksazma posted:
Stormborn posted:
ronan posted:

. . . it was clearly a hasty conclusion. To say anything being presented by you of late is poetic would suggest a crippled aesthetic understanding of the craft. 

now now . . . there there . . . don’t be so hard on yourselves

lol lol!!

to the contrary! I am not hard on my self. I pity the fact how a little accolade feeds your parasitic need for adulation! 

The fool is like a battered spouse always needing to bring up some long obsolete compliment "but you said you will always love me" 

the  “battered spouse” persona is a gift to the six-head ‘Stormborn’ from Ronan

yes yes, we all know that y’all lame brains have acute problems with the ‘creativity’ ting

but you have neither the education nor the smarts to make a legit go of ‘copying’ me

it’s a fool’s errand . . . kapeesh?

aritey den