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Reply to "Contempt of Haitians is shameful"

Stormborn posted:


They are refugees as we are from our home and a term you often use here at your convenience. I do not know why the term offends you to the level you attribute to is implications outside its scope and insist one could only use the word if they are afflicted with some terrible brain disease. Were you symptomatic of the same when you use it with respect to us leaving?


Who is saying the US should solve the world's problem. I am saying that in that respect we are crippled and have been so by incompetent politicians for over half a century. We cannot help ourselves and do not have the resources to reach some 40 percent of our people so why offer help with no resources?


I do not care to be distracted by other issues. I am speaking of our personal problems.


Now continue to indulge in your Mad Jagdeo derangement.  Haitians are NOT staying in Guyana!  They are ambitious people and seek out countries BETTER for them than Guyana will be.  So cease your screams of Guyana's poverty and what an unfair burden that the Haitians will provide. 

In fact they provide business opportunities to Guyanese who feed, house and transport them in the few days that they remain in Guyana. NO ONE in Guyana will offer these services free.

You CANNOT even prove that there are clusters of Haitians working on construction sites in G/T and here your screams about what a burden they are to Guyanese. 

You however need to go chat with them Bajans who have been providing free education and healthcare to a bunch of PPP supporters, many lacking any graciousness but instead calling Bajans lazy.  Yes Barbados saved some of them from starvation when they had to flee Jagdeo land in the early 2000s. 

This due to the same poverty that you scream about, which is considerably higher than that of Barbados.  In fact that piece of rock continues to have a nominal GDP HIGHER than that of Guyana even though it can easily fit into the Essequibo River.

Antiguans knew how ungrateful that some of these PPP supporters turn out to be so haven't let too many of them in.

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