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Reply to "Computer Help Desk at It's Best"

Originally posted by D2:
I am going to restrain my impulse to respond in kind so I will respond as one who knows a bit about encryption. You would be very much at risk if you create your password our of the name for a person for thing. One simply run a series of dictionaries against it to break it. Other schemes depend on how stong it is ie the mathematical combinations to be tested and the the systems encoding scheme itself. I am not trying to be a password police. I am offering advice to those who care to protect themselves.[/QUOTE]


It was not my intention to get you all fired up.
I must let you know I do respect you knowledge, of encryption,this is too far beyond my understanding of computers,sometime I do step out of bounds.
Out of this may come things positive,and this is where I can use your help.
I use a Mac and for the longest time I cannot figure how to upload Pictures
to this forum.
You advise would greatly appreciated, if you Would,but Baby steps please