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Reply to "CNN Don Lemon panel faces intense backlash for mocking Trump supporters as illiterate 'credulous rubes'"

Sean posted:

Bernie boldly declared socialist policies and agenda and so does many others in the current crop of losers in the democratic leadership clown race.  How blind or deaf are you ? Piwari ? 
You are prattling leftists/socialist and antiman nonsense. 
Piwari ? 
BTW, how about your prediction of the  game changer Shuman coming along ? Just like Hillary ?

 You come here prattling BS, it might stick with stupid Democrat leftists. Was your best friend ever released from jail ?

You and your usual nonsense predictions. You have made zero contribution to society and GNI. You remain an armchair bullshitter here. Nothing of value except the same old crap. 

You uneducated bumpkin, bernie is still capitalist despite his social agenda. I do not know your "antiman" pejorative has to do with anything. Most certainly it does not imply stupid since some oft he planets leading creative geniuses were gay. This tact simply means like the usual bottom feeder you believe trolling gay people and labeling them democrats means you are on to something. Unfortunately it highlights the fact you are a dunce. 

I do not know what I predicted about shuman and how that again enters the discussion. Shuman has a point that a middle way out our political quagmire rests on a third party leading the drive for change but again you are too dunce to see that. 

I presume you are sitting on a throne if I am on an arm chair. It is clear that you to me is light to darkness. You are a bloody mal educated dunce.