Reply to "CNN Don Lemon panel faces intense backlash for mocking Trump supporters as illiterate 'credulous rubes'"

Sean posted:

Look at this jackass calling Bernie a capitalist. This is the biggest joke of 2020 from a leftist clown. 

You continue to make a jackass of yourself at GNI by now back peddling from Shuman whom you called the biggest game changer in Guyanese politics. 

A clown who lacks judgement and credibility at GNI and whose politician best friend went to jail for theft and fraud and further disgraces himself by claiming that he prefers the numb skull Granger and his PNC over the PPP any day of the week. 

A clown who declared Hillary President the night before the votes were counted ? 

D2 takes the crown as GNI clown of the year award.  Take your package of hogwash elsewhere, your constant BS is stinking up the place, wait, is that your piwari stinking up the atmosphere ?  
Or is it that piwari has eroded you brain cells that you constantly post BS which impresses small minds at GNI ?

I have news for you, socialism is dead. Trump will continue to torment you for another four years as you mutter nonsense in your drunken stupor.  

Get off that rocking chair, your dentures just fell off.

The fool in His heart thinks himself wide but the world knows he what he is.  I do not know what I back pedaled from except in your filthymind. I support shuman's party even now because his ideas has gained resonance; ie change cannot come from the two major parties.

You telling me I lack judgement is like a laugh. All you do here daily is act like  a performing seal with no damn sense to anything. 

I do not know what this constant  chiming about who is my best friend that supposedly went to to jail has to do with me.  That make sense only to ignorant twits like you. Anyone going to jail is there because they committed an infraction and are asked to answer.Me being on the outside speaks to where that matters.

You and your mama can shout from the rooftop that socialism is dead but that is because you are stupid enough to think it means communism. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, etc all call themselves socialist and they are the places where people say they are happiest about their government. You scrambling for a tag line from the racist nits in the alt= right are parroting a word because  you think it will scare dunces to vote against their interest by appealing to vestigial McCarthyism that the communist are  here. What a twit!